Monday, June 27, 2011

Back in action.

It's been ages, I know. Anyway there's like a truckload of stuff to update. First of all, currently I'm not studying anymore as I'm pursuing my dream. And now I've got 2 shops, it's both exciting and stressful. Btw my shop name's "POSH", which also represents Place Of Shopaholics. It's located at Far East Plaza 03-92 (Beside First Day) and also Bugis village 03-36. Currently I'm creating a FB page as well, so that it's easier for me to showcase my new collection and ppl can reserve for it. Cause for some of the stock I only take limited pieces so that it's exclusive. Do show some support. :)

Life's been pretty busy and good I guess. I should really try to blog as often as possible cause there's like hundreds of overdue pics to upload. Anyway just had nosebleed again the other day, I'm really worried cause it bleed quite alot. But yet I keep procrastinating to visit the doc. Tsk, this is bad.

Oh and I attended quite a few weddings within these few months. It's sucha joyous occasion and I really enjoy going to wedding dinner. Two of my cousins got married and my best friend Kai Xin too. They all look really stunning and of cause blissful. Hope they will have a blissful marriage and many cute babies.Heh. I always imagine mine would be like a fairytale and I'd have manymany pretty gowns. But the proposal is as important too, cause it's only once in a lifetime and it'd have to be memorable. Okay I'm kinda digressing here.

Alright just a few pics to share, cause I'm so lazy.

Our dearest Kai Xin! (I look like crap cause of my wig.) :/

During internship at "Sakae Sushi", the people there are really nice.

Company D&D. Our team won "Best dressed" and got a whopping $500.

Dinner with my precious girls. :]

Happy 39th!

Ps:Our love nest would be ready in 2014. :)
Pps: My cousins and family are coming back from Belgium,so happy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to my love! :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Booo Chinese New Year wasnt as fantastic this year cause it's the first time I lost. Hahaha. Anyway it's Feb alr! Just wanna wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day and I love all my people. :) My dearest boy got me a pink cam, damn happy. We're heading to "Rise" at Marina bay sands hotel for dinner tonight,yay. Shall update again soon. Much love ♥

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've trouble getting to sleep lately, this is real bad...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Samsung white baby.

Omg, my lappy's showing signs of crashing. Please stay alive for longer. Anyway just wanna share a pic.

It's a thumbdrive! So cute isnt it?

They have it in many other cute characters and even credit card. It's really nice & cool. :]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prata craving+Thankful for all the lovely girls in my life.

I managed to satisfy my craving for prata all thanks to Min. Really appreciate it cause it was rather late and she has to wake up real early for work. We chatted about lotsa random stuff and also reminisce the past. This year would mark the 14th year of our friendship, we knew each other since 9! When we were younger, we used to do everything together. We would have the same haircut, shoes etc. It's quite funny when we think back, cause we had so much fun memories and also doing silly things tgth. Now that we've grown up, we still talk on the phone everyday cause I'm always working and we dont have much time to meet up. She's the best friend that everyone would wanna have and I'm glad that she's mine.

Lim- We've known each other since primary 5 and we used to chat on the phone for really long hours. She's like my nanny cause she always take care of me. She'd shell prawns specially for me, help me to tidy my bedroom whenever she comes over etc. She's like a big sister to us, always caring for us. Well she's impt in my life, because w/o her who'd clean up my room for me? Heh just kiddin' yo.

Maddy- She's my HB1 and I really miss the times we had,because we're both really busy and hardly get to see each other. We used to do 'naughty stuff' with Min back in secondary school days and it was really funny. During netball training, we'd talk alot and get scolded tgth. Our fav past time would be eating,cause every week we're like feasting on yummy food. But she's mean to me, always calling me black pig. I shall give her a nasty nick soon. Smirks*

Rain- She's my hon' and I adore her loads. It was netball which brought us tgth and we went thru everything tgth. Those victories and defeats on the court still stays vivid on our mind. She's always willing to lend her listening ears whenever I wanna whine. With her, I can be myself and talk about everything under the sun. One of the fondest memory would be the DIY dye hair session at her place, it went horribly wrong for me and till now she can laugh real hard abt it. Plus, we'd always shop last min for our cny clothes.

Kaixin- It was also netball which brought us tgth and I can declare she's like the most chatty person I've ever known. Haha. With her around, it will never be boring. She has alot (I mean really ALOT) of stories and things to share and it's very entertaining in a way cause she looks very comical. A really nice lady overall.

Hannah- She's no doubt my best companion during secondary school days. Although she looks cool and quiet but she's actually really nice and she can talk quite alot too. I admit I used to 'bully' her alil' but it's fun watching her reaction. She's always by my side whether to share my happiness or sorrows. I was really touched when she baked cookies for me during my birthday because she's the sort who looks like the last person on earth who can bake. Heh.

Geraldine- She's my lessy and she's actually the first online gf that I had. I guess fate brought us together and we enjoyed the times with each other. We used to hit the clubs all the time and have lots of fun. I love sleepovers at her house as well. Oh and I eat a lot of sushi whenever I'm with her and she's a camwhore.

Girl B- We used to say that we'll be BFF but somehow I dont know why and how we drift apart. In my heart, I'm really upset cause I really treated her like my sister and nvr would I dream that we wont talk one day. I guess part of it is my fault because I wanted to clarify things but I lack of courage cause it's been so long. It really feels like a part missing from my life. We used to go out all the time and we seem to have telepathy as we'd always wear the same colour. Nonetheless I'd rmb all the fond memories we had.

I'm not exactly the kind who'd open up to anyone and all these years my best friends remain the same. Probably I'm alil skeptical towards people thus I prefer to stay with people whom I feel comfortable with. They're the nicest people on earth and I'm glad to have them in my life. Although we're leading different life right now and we dont have much time to catch up as often as we want. But still, we know that we'll always be there for one another and our friendship would last a lifetime. I love all of you loads and really wish all the best to y'all and remain happy,blissful & healthy always. ♥♥♥

Sunday, January 09, 2011

A brand new phase of my life.

It's a brand new year again. Somehow 2010 seems to pass really fast. I believe 2011 would be a great year as I'm gonna embark on a new journey. It's both an exciting and tiring period for me. But well,success doesnt come easy. Anyway my first collection is up, ladies do visit "Mystery Glamour" @ Far East Plaza #03-92. Currently, there's a promotion going on & it includes crop tops, tops, shorts, pants, jacket & dresses. :)

I've been so busy that I hardly have time for anything else. But at least I'm doing what I like, pursuing my passion rather than stick to a 9-5 job. My biggest pillar of support would be my Daddy & boyfriend. They gave me advices and encourage me when I feel stressed out.

Anyway "Sour Milk" located at FEP is really awesome, the yogurt icecream is so good that I can eat it everyday!

I love the pretty lil' chocs from this place.

Fisherman's wharf @ Taiwan. Great scenery+Babylove=Perfect. ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow white's sweet 21st

I'm sick and I've been awake since 7 so decided to take some time to update otherwise I'd always procastinate. Anyway Min's 21st bday was a success and it was also a rare opportunity for the girls to gather.

Theme: Polka dots/Ribbons/Pastel colours

The cupcakes are so pretty.

Bday gift from us. :)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sometimes I dont even know how I feel.

Anyway I cant wait for Min's birthday party on Fri! I'm sure it's gonna be filled with lotsa joy & laughter. It's been long since we all gather tgth. And why aint I having the festive mood? :/

Happy Birthday Lessy & Nyssa!♥

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Massive nosebleed for 3 consecutive days, it's really scary. I hope nothing's wrong with me. :(

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A new beginning.

It's been awhile now, anyway everything's great for now. Attachment has ended and that means I've finally completed everything,couldn't be any happier! :D

I'm not intending to further my studies though, I've smth more exciting in the progress of planning. It'd be like a dream come true to me.Heh.

Alright, will be back to update soon!

One of my fav restaurant in the world!

Their lil desserts are irresistable!

I realised I havent updated my 2009 Taiwan trip, so prolly will combine the two trips into one entry. Gosh, that's alot of pictures.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

One of the best moment ever.

This is probably one of the best moment so far, cause I've finally endured all the shitty times I had in school (Cause I always have to join random classes & it sucks to be alone). I managed to pass all modules this time and I can kiss goodbye to NYP. Thank god I only retain for a sem else I dont think I can take it. I was so afraid that I'd let my Daddy down again as well. Finally I'm freed from my 'misery'. So now, I'm left with 5 weeks of attachment. :)

Anyway guess what's the theme of our D&D? SPORTS. OMG. That's the worst shit ever, it's really disgusting in a way. Haha. Anyway work was fine this week, but still my body is aching all over from sitting down for too long.

Managed to meet Min and I'm so thankful that I have her in my life, not forgetting other gfs too. It's like whenever I feel really down and the presence of her and those comforting really makes me alotalot better. Really appreciate all of 'em loads. xoxo

Some pics of my beloved cousins. I miss those times we had, piggin' out and kbox sessions. I always feel happy when I'm with 'em cause I'd feel really carefree and there'd be lotsa laughter & fun. Cant wait for their visit next year, and hopefully the year after we can visit 'em and tour around Europe too. :D

The mudpie was mind-blowing, it melts and lingers in your mouth.

The other day I had buffet with Daddy at Somerset 313. And here's what I ate, now I know why I'm so fat. Hahaha.



I had 3 servings of this. Lol.
Unagi temaki

The milk pudding was uber nice.

In addition, I had another big bowl of Udon and a plate of fruit platter. Yea I know, that's like alot. But there's too much stuff to eat, how to resist! Okay from now on I'm only gonna have supper on weekend, I guess that helps alil? Ha!
Ps: I hate those times when I feel really vulnerable.

Happy2year6mths anniversary.♥

Friday, September 24, 2010


I've started my attachment at Sakae Holdings and I'm not lovin' it. I can't stand sitting all day long, staring at the com. Oh and not talking. It's quite a torture man. In addition, sometimes I have to do work which I don't like. Especially tearing vouchers, there's so much that if I stack it all up, it'd probably be 50 storey high or so. Ohmygod. But the good thing about the place is that everyone's pretty young and they're nice and friendly. It wasn't as scary as I thought because I thought it's gonna be a no-nonsense place, all serious and solemn. Lunchtime and 6.30 is my fav time of the day,other than that I'm like either falling asleep or pulling a long face while tearing vouchers. But I'm glad that I'm able to gain a deeper insight into office job as well, cause I realised that I'm really not cut out for this kinda job. Time to work hard so that I'm able to do what I really like in the near future.

Anyway I'm glad that everything's fine again, I'm not the sort who likes to bear grudges as well. I'll treat ppl the same way they treat me. :)

I've loads of photos to upload,but once I get home after work, I tend to feel really exhausted and I'd hit the sack around 10/11. Alright, TGIF! Time to knock off! 6 more weeks till Xiao Mei life is over. Haha.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hail Queen B....

I'm back from Taiwan trip! I enjoyed myself cause there's just way toooo much yummy stuff over there. We also visited a few theme restaurants, super cool. My favourite would have to be the Hello Kitty one, everything's so pretty! Pictures would be up soon, probably after my exam ends. After exam, I'll be at Sakae Holdings for like 2 months or so. Damn, I really dont like office hours.

Anyway I dont know why the world's filled with all these people. If you have got any issues, first thing to do is CLARIFY. Dont freaking assume things on your own. Is asking that difficult? I doubt so right. Anyway I know I didn't do anything so I don't give a damn. But it just irks me so much whenever I think of all the effort that I put in, all those comforting, mozzie bites & even lecturing him for you.What the hell man, seriously. It's more like a disappointment. Seriously people like this aint worth it, it's a blessing that they're out of my life. I swear I'm not gonna befriend someone so easily anymore.

Back to mugging, this week's gonna be a hectic one. :/

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food galore, Party & Taiwan baby!

Once again, I'm a very happy eating monster. Why? Cause I've been eating lotsa yummy stuff. Plus my cousin came from Holland, so it means more fooood. The first day we had steamboat, and the second day my Dad brought us to Orchard Hotel for buffet and the third day we had Din Tai Fung and Korean food. It was really sinful but well we enjoyed it thoroughly. Oh and the dear boy brought me to Sushi Tei for a sumptuous dinner as well.

This month there's no special theme, just "Local". But I hope they bring back the seafood theme.

The Chawamushi taste quite ordinary tho'.

Some sushi wrapped in fish floss. Yikes, not to my liking.

The soft shell crab was rather yummy, you can manage to eat the whole chunk of meat from it,unlike some other places.

AMAEBI sashimi!! This is a must try. The sweet prawns taste so succulent and it leaves a really nice taste aftermath.

Nama Hotate. Tho' it doesn't exactly melts in your mouth, but it still taste great.

My beloved cousins.

The side dishes didn't impress me cause I had it once at other places and they have like 10 over plates of 'em.

Korean fried rice cake. First time trying, it has a really chewy texture and it was not bad.

I didnt managed to upload some of the pics but will do so soon. Anyway I just reach home from all the partying with my cousins, Gf, Bro, Dad+ Aunt & Uncle. It was pretty cool isn't it? Haha. But they went to chill at other places whereas we danced the whole night. I'm really tired now, and my flight's in like a few hour's time. OH I'm going to Taiwan with the boyf & his Mum for 6 days. SUPERRRR EXCITED! :D

PS: Dont contact me only till next tuesday. Tata! Taiwan here I comeeee!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hello freedom!

Muahaha there's no school tmr, but dang my groupmates wanna meet early in the morning to discuss project. Like seriously??!! I really dont know why can't they be more flexible or smth. Forget it, it's the last presentation alr. To add it on, the presentation's on Sat morning.

But but but school's over! :D

I can foreseen lotsa happy days ahead,hoho! Tmr my boy's gonna bring me for yummy food. I wanna go picnic with my lovely gfs and our bfs.I'm sure it'd be damn fun.

Ps: One side of my nose is swollen, idk what's wrong. But it's really scary, as though a HUGE pimple's gonna pop out any moment or smth. :(

Pps: Lim's damn nice to come over to accompany me & she brought me my fav milk tea. Yay.

Monday, August 02, 2010

This week's the last week of school, I can't describe the happiness that I'm feeling right now! Although there's attachment after exam, but it's merely 2 months. Anyway I finally went out for awhile, cause I've been staying at home to do projects for soso many weekdays. Managed to meet Lim for dinner and pool, I miss the other girls as well. Life's just different when everyone grows up. Everyone's occupied with their life but as long as we have each other in our heart, it's more than enough. :)

I feel that it's really hard to trust people. That's sad.

The girls will always be there whenever I need 'em. xoxo

Friday, July 23, 2010

I hate my hair. Cause it's not brown like what I want and it's out of shape. I think I wanna buy a short wig to wear for the time being. Yay it's the weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Counting down.

Today's just one of those days that I feel like staying in bed all day long and prolly watch "GLEE". But yea that's not possible, projects are here to stay for another week or so. I'm so glad that there's YOG cause we got another week off for that.
3 weeks break before exam,awesome! I feel like I've been missing out on a lot of fun. I havent been to Sentosa for ages as well. Time is never enough isn't it? Anyway we celebrated Jayden's mum birthday ytd. Mellben's butter crabs were oh-so-yummy. :D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sick cat

I've been sick for like 4 days, and it has affected my mood badly. My weekend was wasted, cause I was so sick that I didnt feel like doing anything. But at least I did went to Expo for awhile and also managed to caught "Inception" with Bf and friends. "Inception" is a rather nice show, it's something different from the norms.

Everytime I mention that I haven't been sick for some time and the next day I would fall sick. ;(

But I think it's all the heaty food that causes me to fall sick. First it was Durians, usually I can only take like 3 of it as it is too heaty for me. The other day, I took 6-7 pieces of it cause I thought it should be equivalent as they were smaller. Then as usual, my nose bleed again the following day. As if that wasn't enough, I went for buffet dinner with Daddy and Bro cause it was Daddy's birthday. Orchard Hotel came up with a new theme and I ate soso much. Plus I ate quite a lot of desserts and they consist of durian and mango as well. Haha nice one. End up, the next day I couldn't get up for school cause my body was literally burning inside. I was having a slight fever and a really bad cough.

I wanna get well soon! Cause I haven't been able to eat a proper meal, it's always porridge and room temperature mineral water. :(

Seriously the projects are such a pain, there's forever so many things to do. I wanna get sufficient rest but I guess it's not possible with so much project work piling up.


Ps: My Mum bought me mushroom soup, pasta, chicken chop and baked potato with shredded ham and bacon bits. YUMYUM. But it makes me wonder if she knows what exactly a sick person has to eat. Haha.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


During this period, everything's been great. One major event took place, and yea it's the World Cup. We were all so obsessed with it. I'm already missing it. It's really fun watching it,especially with my hotties playing. Haha. Anyway really happy for my guy, cause he has finally graduated. :)

We've been eating so much and I think I really need to work out. But I dont have time at all. Everyday's really packed with school stuff, and I'm not too happy about it. I wanna be free from all those, I need a good break. It kinda freaks me out just by thinking that I have 8 projects to submit in 2 weeks time. Sigh. I can't wait for school to end, really.

Babylove has been really nice cause he always takes good care of me and he would go all out to make me happy. The other day I just mention casually that I wanted to fly kite and the next day, he brought me to have some fun. :D